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Places To Make Love

Are you running out of ideas for new, fun and exciting places to make love?

  1. In a public restroom
  2. In a movie theater
  3. On a soft rug near the fireplace
  4. On a secluded island beach
  5. In the backyard under the stars
  6. In the woods right after it rains
  7. On a train in the middle of the night
  8. On a motorcycle
  9. In bed with silk or satin sheets
  10. On the beach at night
  11. In your love’s room while their parents are home
  12. In the rain
  13. In the woods on a blanket
  14. On a yacht during the full moon
  15. In the ocean
  16. On a trampoline
  17. On the top of a hill
  18. On a bed full of rose petals
  19. In the middle of nowhere
  20. In the car in heavy traffic
  21. In a hotel
  22. In a barn full of hay
  23. In an open field at night
  24. On the rooftop
  25. Under a waterfall
  26. In your partner’s bed
  27. In the garage
  28. On a jungle gym at a park at night
  29. In the car going through an automated car wash
  30. On your patio or balcony on a starry night
  31. In the mountains of Colorado
  32. On an abandoned air field
  33. Under the full moon in the wet grass
  34. In the living room during the day with the windows wide open
  35. On a blanket on the bank of a lake
  36. In an elevator
  37. On the bathroom floor
  38. In your partner’s parent’s room
  39. In a sauna
  40. In a very big bed

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If You Dare…

Sexual exploration is a healthy and loving way to gain a deeper connection with your partner. Sometimes though, the explorations we may desire to try can end up creating more harm than good. With this in mind, you’ll find listed below ideas to act out five of the top ten sensual fantasies in ways that will not compromise you or your partner. Whenever you are acting out a sexual encounter, remember to talk about your needs and desires first. Make sure you both are aware of your limitations and your comfort zones.

The Threesome
Personally, I don’t encourage couples to have a third-party enter into the scenario. For some couples it can work perfectly fine, although for most the experience can result in harboring jealousy and resentment. If a ménage à trois is high on yours or your partner’s list of fantasies instead try something that can recreate the senses of actually having one. For instance, you may try:

  • calling a couple’s phone sex line
  • taking advantage of the use of sexual toys to achieve multiple feelings
  • mocking an encounter with a third person by blindfolding your partner and pretending to be two people

Sex On The Beach
More than a name for a great drink, sex on the beach can be a beautifully erotic experience. If you are not fortunate enough to live close to a beach, or fear public exposure, you can easily recreate this experience with a little imagination. Suitable alternatives include making use of a pool, hot tub or bubble bath. If outdoors, make sure it is a night of a full moon. If indoors, play a CD of ocean sounds and light a few candles to help set the mood.

Sex In A Public Place
The ideas for public sexual encounters are endless. A few of the classic ideas include making love at the drive-in, having sex at a hotel with the windows open, on a rooftop, on a patio or balcony and in the woods.

Role Playing An Encounter
Role-playing is a very creative outlet, and can steam up any night of passion. A few role-playing scenarios you and your partner might enjoy include police officer and suspect, teacher and student, nurse and patient, construction worker and house wife, or employer and employee. To add authenticity, dress up in your role and truly act in character. Do agree to have a code word to stop, for the unlikely case that things get too uncomfortable.

There are many varying degrees of domination. Most couples admit that a slight degree of domination by their partner is an exciting turn on. A light game of domination could consist of simple requests such as kiss me here, or wash me there, feed me those strawberries, etc. If this is something you’d both like to try you’ll need to set verbal guidelines of what would be considered going to far for each partner. Again, agree on a code word that indicates for the other person to stop.

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Go Stargazing!

One of the most romantic times spent with a partner is in a secluded, private place watching the stars together and talking about your hopes and dreams for the future. If this is something you would like to try, take some time and use the following tools and ideas to make your evening of stargazing a memorable and informative one!

  • Ways to observe the sky
    Choose the best tool based on your level of experience.With your naked eye
    You can see most common occurrences, perfect for getting to know the sky and its changes.Using a good pair of binoculars
    A highly recommended beginners tool! You are able to see more of the sky than with a telescope, making it easier to scan the sky to find what you’re looking for.Using a telescope
    A powerful way to see objects not normally seen by the naked eye.

    Going to a planetarium
    This gives you access to some of the worlds most powerful telescopes. Most planetariums also provide entertaining shows and events.

  • What to observe
    The best way to successfully find constellations and other nighttime phenomenon is by learning your way around the sky. Start first by locating the obvious, the moon. Then if you’re in the northern hemisphere, The Big Dipper. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, the Southern Cross. The following tools will help you do this:Downloadable Sky Maps
    Each month provides a new downloadable map of what can be seen in the sky. The guide is very user friendly!What Stars Can Be Seen Tonight?
    This tool provides the sky map for your city by entering your location in the world.What Celestial Events Are Happening?
    Want to know which plantes are observable? Is their a Blue Moon coming up? Any comets passing our way? Check out Space Watch and find out what’s coming up in our skies.
  • Where you should go
    The best place to view the stars is in a dark place, away from city lights. If this is not an option, try finding an area around your city that has the least amount of light.
  • Tips and ideas
    If you have a pickup truck, put a twin mattress in the back and bring blankets.Bring hot chocolate & marshmallows.Make this an on-going tradition and keep a log/diary together of what you both find.

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Silence Is Golden

If you are interested in exploring the sensual side of life this weekend, or maybe even planning a surprise romantic evening for your love, this idea might appeal to you. As you know, communication plays a vital role in any relationship. There is, however, more than one way to communicate. A lot of times, expressing your feelings and emotions without words can create a much bigger effect on your love than simply telling them how you feel. The evening detailed below is designed to enhance your communication with your partner through the use of sight, smell, taste and touch. If done correctly it will leave your lover in absolutely no doubt about how much you love them, and will create memories that can last a lifetime.Ingredients:

  • A secluded area of the room, preferably a corner
  • An air mattress or something soft and comfortable to lay on
       – A collection of soft comforters or blankets would work well
       – Satin or silk sheets if possible
  • A collection of soft pillows 
  • Decorations in the form of plants, flowers and rose petals
  • Soft romantic lighting
  • A large fruit, cheese and/or deli style meat platter
       – Could be catered from a local cafe
  • Chocolate and other romantic finger foods
  • Soft romantic background music, such as sitar music
  • Sensual props that invoke different feelings, such as feathers, a sponge with a bowl of warm water, some soft material, chocolate syrup etc. 
  • If this is something you are doing to your partner, you may want to include a blind fold
  • Whatever else you might want to include

The idea here is to communicate as much love and romance to your partner without either of you saying anything. Start off by sensually exploring different areas of your partner’s body through the use of your fingertips, lips and the sense of smell. Try to stay away from the erogenous zones to start with. You want to take things slowly and thoroughly enjoy each moment. Pamper your love by feeding them different foods while looking deeply into their eyes. Basically, you want to do as much as you can to make your partner feel incredibly special by exploring all the different avenues of communication while saying as little as possible. After doing this you will soon discover that silence actually is golden!

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Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Romantic!

Make the decision to show your partner how you feel, right now! Below are things you can do at this very moment to show your romantic side.

  1. Leave a flower somewhere your partner will find it, with a note that says, “I love you!”
  2. Write a love letter and have it mailed to your partner.
  3. Write 25 reasons why you love your partner and give it to your partner the next time you see them.
  4. Cut out a paper heart. On the paper heart write, “Did you know… you are the owner of my heart?” Leave the heart in a place you know your partner will find it.
  5. Call your partner right now and ask them out on a date.
  6. Arrange all the details of a surprise date for your partner, right now!
  7. Have flowers or other type of gift delivered to your partner.
  8. Write a love note and explain why, and when, you feel in love with your partner. Leave it in a place you know your partner will find it.
  9. Create a love dedication.

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Dear Your Bath is Ready!!

Bathing together can be one of the most intimate moments in a couples relationship.  The ability to relax talk and console each other. 

Here is what you need.
When you want to try this you will need to have a couple of things ready for this.  First I suggest a quite house, if the kids are home this might not work.  Second make the room inviting.  Light some scented candles, try to find aphrodisiac type scents like jasmine, rose and lavender. Next chose a bubble bath keeping the candle scents in mind. If a sensual bath is what you’re after, choose stronger more robust scents similar to sandalwood, or try lavender or a rose scented bubble bath.

For the ladies!

Ladies when a man is invited to take a bath together well most of them will have one thing on his mind… Well try having him sit in front of you with his back toward you start your bath off with a toast for two. Keep your wine or champagne chilled in a bucket nearby. Slowly and gently wash and massage his back and shoulders.  Have him lean all the way back and shampoo his head giving a relaxing and stimulating scalp massage.  Now its your turn.  Trade places and have him return the favor.

For the Men!

Guys taking a bath together can be much more than just a interlude for sex. It can be a place just to be able to relax and talk to your mate.  Conversations in the tub can be very revealing.  Follow the same steps as for the ladies except add a few light kisses to her neck and shoulders. When your finished use a large soft towel ad dry her off.

What you do while you’re taking your bath together can mean more than the actual act itself! With this in mind, be comfortable and confident with yourself. There is no wrong or right way to be sensual or romantic. Doing what comes naturally to you both is always the best experience.

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Evening In

I talk to a lot of different people though out the course of my week and I always ask how was your or did you have a good evening.  I always get the same answer “Nothing much” or “watched some TV”. 

Now I find this very disappointing.  Here you are with the person who you are building your life and he’s watching TV while your in another room reading a book.

Don’t get me wrong me time is a important thing but to much me time means very little us time. 

So here are some idea’s to help make those nights a little more us time.

Greet your lover at the door with a sexy night gown on and head right towards the bedroom. Afterward cook him a nice candlelight dinner. Then run a nice hot bath for two and then go back to bed for more.

Together, composing a poem with each adding a line until it is completed.

Rent a movie, have some drinks, finger foods and some sexy pajama’s ready. Retire to the bedroom to watch the romantic movie. Then seduce your partner and forget about the movie.

Men rent a scary movie. Make the house nice and warm, and cuddle with her on the couch the whole time.

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Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed. What’s that you ask?  Well this may be one of the oldest and best idea’s out there.  The idea that someone got up before you and took the time to prepare a morning treat for you is the only way to wake up.

What you need!

Not everyone can manage to cook up a good old fashion eggs and bacon breakfast so if you can’t here are some other idea’s.  fresh fruit, Muffins from a local bakery or even some Bagels and some cream cheese.

For the Ladies!

Ladies lets add a twist to this.  With his breakfast give him a letter or a poem that tells him just what he means to you.  plan a whole day to go with the meal.  A day for just the two of you.  if you have children make it a family day so you can remind each other just how wonderful your lives together can be.

For the Men!

Fellows for this idea lets take breakfast in bed to a new level. Get up early and get everything ready for the trip. Wake your partner up, blindfold them and take them out the car. Go to a secluded place where you can watch the sunrise. Bring sleeping bags, picnic breakfast. Once you get there, snuggle up together in the sleeping bags and watch the sunrise, eating your breakfast in bed!


There are many of us today who have forgotten what be pampered by our love ones mean.  Don’t fight this.  If your partner took the time to plan this then you need to remember they Love you and just want you to know it.  So Enjoy!!!

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Romance! What is is it?

Romance is how we make love with our clothes on

It makes us feel as good as the greatest feeling we ever had. It puts a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eyes. It takes a normal day and makes it a day we remember for always.

After some time in a relationship the romance seems to disappear for most of us. Your job, house work, kids all these along with just the normal day’s event seem to allow it to fade from our life.

Well I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Romance is simple. It requires two elements to exist. The first is a willingness to feel that warmth and wonder like when you first met her and the second is a little time.

The idea behind this site is to provide you with some ideals that will once again remind your partner just how much they mean to you.

This guide is only the beginning. One you get started you will soon realize how much fun and excitement, a little romance will bring into your life and that you will learn that you can make these ideas work anywhere at anytime.

So go ahead give it a try and watch the surprise and excitement in your lover’s eyes.

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